I’m not getting political here, but I think today, August 29, 2008, is a great day, a momentous day to be an American & I feel proud.
FIRST: last night it became official: Barack Obama is the Democratic nominee for President of the United States. Whatever you think of the man or his policies, it is a wonderful & I think blessed thing, a marker, that an African-American is running for this office. I was young, but I have memories of Dr. King. I have memories of the struggle & the riots & the racial tension. I know we are far far from where we should be, but we are not where we were. We need to thank God for this milestone.
SECOND: this morning John McCain announced that Sarah Palin, Governor of Alaska will be his running mate. A first for the Republican party (a brilliant strategic move on his part in my estimation) and real statement about inclusion as a value for each side of the political spectrum.
So either way we will make history in the next few months. For the 1st time we will not be electing a couple of white males.
If for no other reason than to be a part of history, make sure that YOU ARE REGISTERED TO VOTE, THAT YOU GET INFORMED & ACTUALLY VOTE!

Thanks, Lord. I recognize this day & it’s events as a blessing on this nation from Your hand. Amen.