I was beyond excited to be back at Journey this weekend. I really miss when I’m not there and it had been two weekends being in Israel, so I was stoked to be back.

As if that wasn’t reason enough, I knew we had a powerful service laid out AND we were kicking off a new series, A LITTLE MORE CHRISTMAS SPIRIT that would take us to our Christmas Eve services which are huge times to have several thousand people come and check out “church” and be surprised at what they find.

MESSAGE – A LITTLE MORE SHARING. Nothing says “Christmas Spirit” like sharing and we looked at what I called 3 off beat Christmas passages that can stir up more sharing in our lives.

POWERFUL MY JOURNEY – Marie Foster shared her story. Her life was saved and transformed by a “simple invitation.” She was really ready to end it all and God showed up in her life. I’m so glad that her friend Marla, was in her life, cared about her, prayed for her and brought her along. She received Jesus into her life the 2nd time she came. Next week you’ll here some of the ripple effects of the story with another amazing My Journey.

MUMFORD AND SONS SONG, ‘THE CAVE’ – What a perfect song for the weekend and our band crushed it!

GOOD-BYE TO TODD – We also said good-bye to one of our staff team this weekend. Todd Tolson is going to be planting a new church in Santee, Riverview Community Church.

ISRAEL – I’ll be posting some pics and reflections on my journey to Israel later this week. What an amazing time.