My friend Charles Roof has done some great writing for us, his church. He is a wonderful writer and a man of deep spiritual insight. He’s written a Psalm for last week’s message! ENJOY!


A Psalm for Restoration

To Find the Place of Beginning

To renounce Deeds of Darkness

Petition for Healing of the Memories

Ask for the infilling of the Holy Spirit



O God, I have come to this place[1] again, on my knees.

And I have brought my contamination with me.

I have turned to you, and I have hope in you alone;

but I despair that I shall ever get further than here.

Help me put aside these encumbrances to a walk with Jesus,

and help me set aside the distractions that cause me to lose heart.


I know I am forgiven for what you have shown me.

Heal the broken places in my past I can no longer see.

For sometimes I act in ways a mystery to me.

Jesus, I relinquish the hidden things that I have experimented with.

Yes, I renounce those dark things, and surrender to the Author of Light.

Let your Light reveal and release the dark chains that hold me!


Come again, and wash over me, cleaning out the hidden places.

Remove any residual impressions made by the deeds of darkness.

O restore my soul, and help me walk in newness of life!

Let the power of the Holy Spirit wash over me,

and cleanse my heart as I open it to you more and more.

For the one whom the Son sets free is free indeed!


In the sanctuary, I will seek the Lord and offer songs of thanksgiving!

Reveal your Presence to us, as we sing praise in the great congregation.

Restore my soul O God, and fill me to overflowing with your Holy Spirit!

Then I will sing songs in the morning, and

I will offer thanksgiving every night, and throughout the day

I will make melody in my heart to the Lord.


Copyright 2016 by Charles Phillip Roof


Ed Noble, Lead Pastor at Journey community Church, La Mesa As with all the things I write it has my copyright; but it is for your unlimited and unrestricted use during the series Prayer That Moves Mountains.

[1] Altar, place of prayer, area set aside or apart where those seeking God can pray or receive help in praying to God.