Two weekends ago we had a message called Heal Me. It was a great weekend. We actually saw God work powerfully in the bodies of some people as our prayer ministry after the service was overwhelmed with people coming to be prayed for.

This weekend, during the 10:30 service on the 2nd to last worship song, we were proclaiming the Lordship of Jesus Christ. There are times when the Holy Spirit just seems to land on certain songs in worship service. I knew this was one of those. At the Friday night service it was in the last song and the Lord gave me something to say (I digress).


I interrupted Jason who I could tell was sensing something similar & we just prayed & proclaimed the Lordship of Jesus over our lives, our circumstances, our bodies. I felt like Jesus was saying: “I’m the Lord, I get to name things! I get to say what they are.” At that point, this came out of my mouth: “you don’t have to wait till after the service to get prayed for. God might want to touch you right now.” We prayed, it was cool. We went on with the service & my ever so brief message.


Immediately after the service, a lady sitting in about the 4th row grabbed me & said: “I almost interrupted you!” My 1st thought was, thanks for resisting that impulse. She went on to say she’d come in having been limping around for a month with a strained Achilles tendon & ankle sprain in her left leg. Her foot was severely swollen. At the moment she proclaimed Jesus authority over her own body the pain went way. The swelling went down immediately. She said I wanted to just stand up & shout… That might not have been so bad! 

One addendum: My friend Jeff Dart was preaching on healing at his church (Brookside in Omaha) and I’d been praying for him all weekend. I’m stoked for the faith that he & his team rolling with.