Dear President Elect Obama,

Congratulations on a your victory!


Regardless of the differences of ideology or views on policy, one can’t help but feel a great sense of pride in our nation and how far we have come. I know from your moving speech that you are aware that you represent something bigger than any one man. You represent hope that a nation can move beyond the sins of it’s past.

Let me assure you of our prayers. We are commanded to pray for our leaders (1 Timothy 2:2). I personally will pray for you & lead people in our church to do the same.
–    I pray that you will fear God more than man
–    I will pray for moral courage to do the right thing & clarity to know what that is.
–    I will pray that you read the Scriptures and submit your mind to them; I pray that you will pray often seeking guidance; I pray that you will find a good church & surround yourself with spiritual advisors who really know God.
–    I pray for your family that you & Michelle will be able to raise your precious daughters in the “nurture & admonition of the Lord.” (see Ephesians 6:4)
–    I pray that you will reconsider your position on defending the rights of the most helpless & voiceless of society, the unborn.  Any nation is only as great as its treatment of the vulnerable. I pray God that you will search the scriptures & know God’s mind on this critical issue. If you do by the way, I think you may be surprised at the lasting political coalition you could build.
–    Finally, I pray for your soul’s sake, that you will not be led into temptation. I pray that you will resist the pride that must come with this kind of position. I pray that you will remember that like the rest of us, you are only a man who will stand before God one day, as a man, not as President. And like all of us you will give an account. May you have the humility that invites the grace of God. May you resist the pride that God opposes. (1 Peter 5:5).

May God bless our nation and may He bless you & your family.

Grace and Peace to you,

Ed Noble