What was your first time at Journey like?

It felt like coming home. I felt the worship and the word was Spirit filled and just what I was looking for.

What was your biggest passion?

Being on the mission field and encouraging others. Letting God’s light shine so that others are drawn to it. The Thrift Store creates a perfect environment to use God given talents to help others.

What does it mean to you to be a Christ follower?

To lay down self, to abide deeply, to pray daily, to acknowledge faults, to see others as Christ would, to spread His message daily, to smile often, show love generously, to spread joy!

Have you ever taken a leap of faith?

Many, actually taking the job at the Thrift Store rather than looking for a different job was a leap of faith. I knew my heart was called to this job and God wanted me here, but the finances didn’t add up.

In another leap of faith about ten years ago, my husband and I lost our business and then our house and car and thus the move to New Jersey to live in my in laws house rent free. I took a very tortured path to a leap of faith in “trying not to freak out” while my husband pursued funding for new businesses. I have to say during this time I was scared and full of doubt and sometimes angry. Life began to beat me down slowly as my husband’s business prospects didn’t pan out and  our finances seemed and were to me always doubtful.

Looking back on that time now, I lost my joy somewhat and  my usual hope in life, and belief in my husband, but never in God although I wavered. Overtime, through prayer and long walks on the beach and heartfelt talks with God I was strengthened and renewed and filled. My faith grew incredibly because as much as I prayed and waited and hoped for what was next, nothing changed.  Yet, in the midst of no change God was with me and provided daily strength. He touched my heart continually and I began to see Him moving even if it wasn’t how I thought He should.

I thought we would be in New Jersey one year while we regrouped and we were there ten years!! Amidst the waiting, and God’s supposed silence on our future, I heard God’s voice repeatedly telling me He loved me, that He WAS sufficient and that He “had my back.” My husband’s faith too grew at this time and he began to pray for the first time. Looking back now I realize if we had moved in to the “next thing” that would have helped our debt and moved us forward we may have missed all God had for us. God moves in all situations and He calls to us in the waiting periods and even in the silences. He is near always.  In the recent move to California in the midst of much calamity my hope was restored. In the sunshine here I was renewed.

Again, our circumstances didn’t change, what we were waiting for still hasn’t happened, but I listen to God more fully now. I have repented about my resentments and lack of trust regarding my husband and I have really fully devoted myself to a life of abiding deeply. I am stronger, full of joy and thankful for each day now in a new way. I trust God wholeheartedly and in faith greet each day with expectancy, knowing He is my rock, my redeemer, my shelter in life’s storms.