What was your first time at Journey like?

I had been attending Horizon Christian Fellowship in 1996 and 1997. I came to Journey (Horizon East County) in September of 1997 after talking with a guy I had just met at Costco.  I came the following Sunday. I was totally impressed with the way I was welcomed as I walked from my car right into the Worship Center. I was made to feel important. The greeters were genuinely letting me know that I mattered to them.

What is your biggest passion?

Seeing and learning how Christ is working in the lives of others. The NotAlone Ministers gather monthly and they often report on the tremendous progress their care-receiver are making in their journey through their personal crisis. In most cases the care-receivers themselves are praising God for what He has done to move them from darkness into the light. Our working theme in NotAlone is: “We provide the care; God provides the cure.” We do what we can and God does what only He can do.

Have your ever taken a leap of faith?

Ten years ago, I was a small group leader in Men’s Ministry. As small group leaders we were encouraged to seek and establish an accountability relationship with another Godly man. Perhaps selecting him even from among the other group leaders. I understood the concept and in my mind I selected the guy who I thought would be good for me, not knowing what I could offer him. S,o I pondered “shall  I call him?” This went on for several days, I needed to make this contact before the next week’s meeting, and I was fearful of what he might say. Was I good enough for him? What could I offer him? Yes, it was definitely my fear of rejection. I knew I had to make the call. So, I called him and he greeted me warmly and he said he thought it would be a good idea if we met before the next Men’s meeting and talk about what each of us was looking for and take it from there. Oh boy! I was going to be interviewed, I wasn’t sure what to expect but we did meet and talked as we walked around the Journey campus. We established our Accountability Relationship that evening and we still maintain that relationship today. Over 10 years of doing life together, I wasn’t conscious of God working in me to make that call but He was and He is today.