What was your first time at Journey like?

My first time at Journey was overwhelming! I came from a much smaller church so all the people and lights and everything felt pretty weird. But, I fell in love with the message and how I could finally connect with the passage and learned so many new things about God and the history and context of His word.

What is your biggest passion?

I’m going to cheat and say two. The first one would be helping people. I love to help people accomplish their goals and get things done. I can’t stand seeing people struggle so I want to do anything I can do make a situation better. It gives me so much joy to come up along someone and watch them grow and improve their life. My second passion would be creating. Painting, drawing, writing, crafts, building, working with my hands; anything and everything that I can add color to makes me happy! I can look back at the finished product and remember where I was when I made it and how much effort I put into it and I feel satisfied.  In those quiet moments of creating, I sense God’s presence most and I know that my abstract mind is a gift from Him.

What does it mean to you to be a Christ follower?

Being a Christ follower means to me, looking to God and putting Him first in every situation. It means being a mirror of His love to the people around you, It means getting into the Bible and trying to apply it daily. It means being honest in prayer, and praying for your problems specifically and with trust the He will come through. Following God means finding your worth and your identity in only Him and learning that nothing can change how much He loves you.