What was your first time at Journey like?

The first time I went with the group for Hope for the Homeless, it felt significant. I had some of the best conversations I’d had in a long time with the people we sat and talked with. The first time I attended a Friday night service, it was energizing. I felt like I’d gotten some awesome spiritual sustenance that I’d been craving and didn’t completely realize I was missing until I got a taste of it. I was hooked!

What does it mean to you to be a Christ follower?

To me it means taking God/Jesus/the Spirit into consideration (as constantly as possible) and to live life in a way that follows the example Jesus set. I think it’s about understanding who He is and how He views people, leading with love, and living in a way that is open.

What is your biggest passion?

I don’t know, I feel like I’m answering a question on a dating profile! I tend to try to stay pretty even-tempered and don’t get too fired-up about too much. But, I’m sure if you get me talking about kids, or travel, or health and wellness, you probably will find it tough to get a word in edgewise.