What was your first time at Journey like?

After 11 years in a church we loved, we believed God was calling us elsewhere.  We intended to go church shopping with Journey being the first to check out.  Journey turned that intention into a one stop shop.  We looked no further. Literally.

Have you ever taken a leap of faith?
Well the bible says the enemy comes to destroy but Jesus comes that we may have life abundant!  In His abundance, He has given us tools to protect kids.

God has given me a vision to reach five percent of San Diego with a message of PREVENT and PREDICT CHILD SEXUAL PREDATION.  Five percent represents that societal point where cultural norms change.

That’s a BIG goal, as this is a message people need, but desperately don’t want to hear.  We as parents/relatives/leaders would NEVER want our kids to go through predation, no way.  But ask a parent to show up for a training on how to prevent it and the excuses flow.