What does it mean to you to be a Christ follower?

It means that I have accepted that God will have all of me no matter how much time and failure it takes to get there. That His love and unwillingness to let me go will break my heart and change me back into who I am truly. That I have asked for his help and now try to follow him and bring others back to meet Dad.

What is one decision that you know that God influenced?

Joining the worship team in high school. I was nervous and had only played metal music on guitar up until then. God took the only passion I had and put it to use. I was in a dark spot in middle school-high school and God used me learning guitar to meet and be with these music people which in turn saved me from the person who I was trying to become back then.

When was a time you took a risk with your faith?

There have been a few. But the one I haven’t talked about yet was deciding to be one of the leaders in the La Mesa Youth Ministry. I had played a small role for a while then decided to really jump in and be apart of people’s lives who were living either at or around Collier park. For one, I was loved by these people deeply (which was awesome for a whiter than white bread kid) and two, I got to experience more of what the church looks like. It’s beautiful.