The 2013 version of God at the Movies opened this weekend with the movies ARGO.


I love what this series does in us teaching us the art of noticing, integrating and connecting. There is also the invite factor, which spikes during this series. All forms of art and story telling can serve as a common ground place to talk about meaning.


The movie ARGO is a classic version of The Hero’s Journey – which I believe is one of the embedded myths that God has planted in the human psyche. Every culture has this story in one form or another. And all of us, I believe sense that this is part of our destiny. So it was fun to look at this one that’s actually based on true events of the Iran hostage crisis of 1979.



Q & A AT JOURNEY JAVA – During our last series (SUPERNATUARL) I decided to offer a time to hang out at Journey Java, sip lattes and answer questions that people had about all the stuff that comes up in passages like 1 Corinthians 12 & 14 about stuff that we really don’t have time to get into in the weekend messages. I thought we’d try it again this Sunday (right before our monthly SELAH nights) and what do you know, another packed room. So if you want to get clarity or discuss something you hear in the messages, or ask pretty much anything or even just hang out, keep your eye out for our Q & A time.