We headed into installment #3 of God at the Movies X with the blockbuster film The Avengers.


Sometimes the redemptive thread in a film is more obvious than others. Honestly, before I saw this movie I was expecting a “fight the aliens, lots of fights, car-wrecks, and buildings being destroyed” movies. And I’m fine with that. The good v. evil thing will always preach. But this film is SO layered. I loved it. The good v. evil was not just us and them, but also us v. us.


In this struggle, the temptation is to trust “some-THING” or a “POWER OVER” solution (a phrase we’ve borrowed and adopted via Greg Boyd). The way of Jesus is the way of the cross, it is overcoming evil with good, it is THE PERSONAL WAY – trusting some-ONE!


We had a little Father’s Day shout out as well with a prayer over dads. For our fam, we had the Noble fam and several people whose dads are far away or out of the picture for carne asada. It was my idea of quality family time – our fam and our Journey fam.


Worship was powerful. It’s always great to declare God’s victory in Jesus as we worship!


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Next weekend is our “flyer”. We always do a movie that you probably haven’t seen or maybe heard of. Get ready for The Intouchables. Please give it a few minutes to get used to the subtitles.