Week 3 of our series leading up to our BIG 20 YEAR ANNIVERSARY CELEBRATION THIS WEEKEND was so so fun.

Worship was powerful!


We celebrated the opening of JOURNEY JAVA PLAZA – So many people stepped up and volunteered their expertise, their work, their companies time. This was a huge need – our spaced needed to say “community” not “hurry up and get out”. What a huge win!





We also had our 3rd week of 20 year AWE video stories. Wow!

Then I spoke from Acts 2 again on the CURRENT OF THE KINGDOM… It flows OUT.


And a great example of that is what we call SUMMER FUN CAMP – La Mesa, Haiti, Tecate Mexico. We were able to see hundreds of kids ministered to. Kids had the best week of their year compliments of Jesus and his peeps. I think that’s the way it should be!