Actually it was yesterday.

We seem to be rockin’ the milestones lately.

Bethany has always parlayed her birthday into a week long celebration, I mean ever since she could string 4 or 5 syllables together.

Last Saturday she was  in LA with Bret & some friends. On the day before the big day we had the Family B-Day dinner at a restaurant in the Gas Lamp called “The Red Pearl.” I think they have the best edamame (sp?) I’ve ever had… by miles!

Last night she went out with 35 of her closest, I think they all went to Chili’s or something. I’m sure there is more to come. You never really know when things are over (I know Christina B is coming down from SLO this weekend for more fiesta).

Here are a few musings that I wrote in my journal this moring.

BETHANY B-DAY – she turned 21 yesterday, but I really didn’t have time to reflect on it like I would like.
One thing I can say as I look back on days like this is that we had lots of fun with our kids. BLN & I had tons of fun with sports. She was the one with an athlete disposition – loved to work on her game, whatever it was. But I do think B is relational to the core & most of the sports stuff was about relationships. She is a wonderful impact player in the Kingdom of God. She is responsible for lots of people being where they are spiritually. She is a world class “bringer”. Rod has talked about “Bethany’s row.
Thanks for the great relationship that we have. Thanks that she is one of my biggest cheerleaders (how’s that for role reversal). Thanks that she is smart. Thanks that we have never had to tell her to work harder at anything (editors note: except cleaning her room, a battle that we have long sense decisively lost). Thanks for her great heart for ministry. The church – the community of Christ-followers and especially the one called Journey are a deep & central passion in her life.

How can I possibly say thanks that all 3 of my kids love You!  I’m so thankful for Bethany Lynn Noble.

She let me take these pics this a.m. Note these are her work cloths!