We long to be connected- to be known, and actually loved for it.  We want to be somebody’s “someone”- to know there is someone that will answer the phone when you call in the middle of the night just so you can talk through your bad day.  To look into another person’s eyes and see deep care, devotion, and to feel connected.  But somehow most of us, most days just feel flat out disconnected, separated, and distant from those around us.  We don’t feel known and are fearful that if we are, we will be rejected for it.

God says that there is a new way to live together- a new kind of community.  Who wouldn’t want that?  We’re diving deep into this topic.  We’re attempting to create a connected community- and we want you as a part of it.

Sept 1 Connected- Made for Connected

Sept 8 Connected- The Magic Of Magnets

Sept 15 Connected- Just a Bunch of Nerds

Sept 22 Connected- When the Dots Don’t Connect

Sept 29 Connected- It’s a Small World After All: Pause Worship Experience