The Christmas Eve services were EPIC! It was so fun to be a part of them.
•    We pretty much filled the place up in each of the services. The 4:00 was absolutely packed as in people had go to the video venue & we were setting up chairs. Some people left. I was bummed about that.


[What is that thing around Rod’s neck?]

•    The place was full of anticipation & more importantly the presence of the Holy Spirit.
•    I was fired up that the INVITE TEMP was white hot. Props to all you Journey peeps.


•    Every element was excellent –


•    I loved how the MUSIC a perfect combo for our DNA – some traditional Christmas stuff along with worship music that is true to who we are.



•    The DANCE – I loved it. I am always moved by dance. I loved how accessible this dance was. I heard several people who don’t really relish this art form really like it.



•    VIDEO – it’s always stellar. It set up the service & the message so well, so powerfully.

MESSAGE – I’m not the best guy to say how good the message was, but I was looking at my notes yesterday as I was going through my “current message file” and noticed how directly God “gave me” each section of it. The timing of the prep was cool. The last section was influenced by the reading I did the day before in Letters by a Xian Mystic. Another section came as I was journaling on Monday.


What meant the most to me, what moved me as I was walking back to my car through the empty parking lot was HOW MANY PEOPOLE WORKED SO HARD. It was obvious that they were doing it animated by the Spirit of God, that they were serving Jesus. I am so glad to be a part of a team. It is so much fun to do something great together, one really feels alive.

For everyone that…
–    Invited someone

[people coming in]


–    Served
–    Led a team
–    Came early, stayed late… went home tired