It’s stuff like this that gets “the Great” after your name. Actually, I’m not sure if this is how he got that moniker, but  here is a cool little Christmas thought that I can honestly say has never occurred to me. Enjoy:

Before the Redeemer was born in the flesh, there was discord between us & the angels, from whose brightness & holy perfection we were separated, in punishment first of original sin & then because of our daily offenses. Because through sin we had become strangers to God, the angels as God’s subjects cut us off from their fellowship. But since we have now acknowledged our King, the angels receive us as fellow citizens.  Because the king of heaven has taken unto himself the flesh of our earth, the angels from their heavenly heights no longer look down upon our infirmity. Now they are at peace with us, putting away the remembrance of the ancient discord. Now they honor us as friends whom before they considered to be weak & despised.

From Homilies on The Gospels

Hope you are having a great Christmas.