Disclaimer: if you don’t like sports or don’t care what I think about sports (both are legit) you might want to not spend the time reading this.

Whoever you are, congratulations. I am referring to the winner of the Fiesta Bowl in which two undefeated Division 1 schools, each with quality wins, each taking on all comers played in what should have been called the “WE BCS HONKS HAVE NO GUTS & DON’T WANT OUR MONEY GRUBBING SYSTEM EXPOSED YET AGAIN BOWL.”
I didn’t watch the game. I was in the desert on my monthly solitude retreat. But I don’t care who won. You are my national champs. And I beg, I plead, I implore any sports writer, any coach out there to defy the BCS contract and strike a blow for equity and vote these guys #1 (think old Apple commercial with athlete throwing hammer through giant screen).

Let me digress. I like sports. I like football. I like college football. In fact, thanks to my friend Chad Reelfs, I went to my 1st bowl game. He flew out from Omaha and we went to the Holiday Bowl. It was a blast sitting with all those Nebraskan’s. It so brought back memories of the 8 years I lived in Nebraska. It was awesome. As much as I love being at the Q for a Chargers game, there is a different magic to the college game.

But I’m almost done. I’m almost ready to stop watching, to stop caring. The old system of Bowls & multiple polls was not great. But at least it wasn’t corrupt. The BCS is corrupt.

Case in point: the Fiesta Bowl this year. Yes, these 2 non-BCS conference teams got to be in BCS bowl. That’s good. But they had to play EACH OTHER. When they’ve let party crashers like Boise State & Utah in before their schools have been embarrassed for the most part. Can’t have that. Can’t have the system exposed. We really can’t have both these teams beat up on our teams in our club, so let’s act like we’re being magnanimous & give them a BCS bowl, but let’s make sure we don’t have 3 undefeated teams at the end of the year & by all means keep them away from the title game (even though Texas is only there by a very suspicious ruling in the Big 12 Championship Game that oddly enough preserved the desired BCS match up).

I’m sure it’s too late to go back to the old system. So we have to have a true play off.

Don’t talk to me about the season being too long. If they can pull this off in division 1A with actual student athletes, it can be done with the big boys.

Don’t even start with me about “the integrity of the bowl system”. The current system destroys it. Bowls are on all different dates rather than the magic of the New Years Day games after the various parades. And since none of them matter for the purposes of a national championship, no one who is not a fan of THAT specific team has any real reason to watch. There’s no drama about how this will effect the standings. There’s no passionate pleas by a Scott Frost asking writers to consider who would win in a head to head match up. We have killed the bowls they can only be improved.

So, this Thursday, I will not be watching the “National Championship Game”. It already occurred. So there… ummm…itch… scratching head… acting like I have to go potty… O.k. I might peak at it. But I won’t enjoy it. And I’ll say… (Just looked and saw BCS killer B State won) Hail to the Broncos. (14-0 beat every ranked team willing to play them) Unlike your NFL tokios – you finish strong!