I’m struggling to find the right superlative for the weekend, they also feel to thin for a weekend thick with God moments.

WORSHIP GOD! That’s the ringing imperative at the end of the book of Revelation. Paul indicates that the end game (at least in part) of spiritual gifts and the gathered community is that even those who don’t yet know God will “fall on their face and WORSHIP GOD, declaring God is certainly among you” (1 Cor 14:25). I love how God so consistently moves in ME as we worship. This weekend God used it to change the whole tenor of my inner being. Cool!

A REDEMPTION STORY – The penultimate (2nd to last – don’t know why I dropped that word, except it’s fun to say) film in God at the Movies series was our annual flyer. You know that one that most of the people had not seen and pushes the envelope a little.

Crazy Heart is certainly a tough movie to watch. Lots of us have been there, lots of us have had our lives seriously marred by someone’s alcoholism. But I loved the beautiful and yet realistic story of and insight into redemption that is in this film. The biggest down side is that I found myself liking the music. Yikes. I want to stay on record as saying country music is a bad thing. I’m NOT crossing over! Todd Tolson, however, he sounded pretty darn authentic doing “The Weary Kind”

MY FAVORITE DAY – I love our Beach Baptism parties. The gathering, the prayer, the looks on the faces, the STORIES, O the stories represented… it all paints this vivid picture of the gospel and the Kingdom of God. It’s almost frightening how alive we feel! There are so many God moments – former atheists who slosh out to the bay tears running down their cheeks, young people who are giving their lives to God, old people who get it that it’s not, no NEVER, too late, people who found Jesus or rather who were found by Jesus when they thought their lives had come to an end, people who had suicide notes written and then someone invited them to come with them to church. I’m getting choked up typing this. My only regret is that I wish I had the capacity to remember the detail on every face as they get prayed over and dunked. It’s… no tengo palabras!

Another fun aspect is that it is a chance for a big church to act like a small church. We are kind of like locust. We cover the land. We devour. But it’s cool to be together in an atmosphere in which it’s feels like it’s everyone’s birthday.
Note: you can see TONS of Baptism pics on my facebook page – lots of you posted them.

HAPPY B-DAY MELINDA – I love Chris & Melinda’s story of God rocking their world!

HAITI UPDATE – I said a few things this last weekend. If you have contacted me desiring to help or go or give or with an idea, please be patient! We are moving forward! Check my Facebook or Twitter page for details even this week.