Jesus came to change people! Most of us are in agreement with that. But we here in the individualistic west, tend to think of that change as a change of “ME”. But me doesn’t change in isolation and ME hasn’t really changed unless we’ve seen the US re-shaped. From the get-go in 1 Corinthians Paul talks about God’s call of us. God is calling a PEOPLE to and for Himself. A community with a different Shape… a CROSS-SHAPED COMMUNITY!

We also spent a few moments blessing schoolteachers this weekend. We are so behind our schools and our teachers. Due to our local, state and national budget crisis they are seriously under-resourced. So many of them thanked me for the prayer time that Dave Merk led in the services!


Worship was powerful this weekend. I sense an increasing presence of God in our midst and it’s very cool.

In view of the record-setting heat, I actually broke the “shorts barrier”. We at Journey are casual, intentionally so. But up to now, I’ve never preached in a weekend service in shorts. This isn’t a “reverence” thing. It’s an “I care about the people” thing. Our stage is of the height that those hairy chicken wings are about eye-level. It’s a mercy thing really.

I was privileged to perform Derek and Danielle Roederer’s wedding on Saturday afternoon. They did the coolest wine ceremony with communion.

Next weekend we’ll be continuing to look more at this GLORIOUS MESS!