It’s impossible to meet Jesus and walk away the same person.  We have no idea where exactly it will take us, but we know for sure it will be different.  During the next six weeks, we are going to look at lives that were changed by meeting Jesus face to face.  We don’t know the ending to their stories, but we know of the encounter to took their life in a completely different direction.  Through these stories, we will see, how we can have life altering encounters as well.

February 26 To be Continued…: The Paralytic meets Jesus

March 4 To Be Continued…: The Blind Man meets Jesus

March 11 No Riptide Service-at winter camp

March 18 To Be Continued…: Nicodemus meets Jesus

March 25 To Be Continued…: Samaritan Woman meets Jesus

April 1 To Be Continued…: YOU meet Jesus

April 8 EASTER- No Riptide Service