Jesus studied them. The New Testament is built upon them. They reveal God’s character. And they are relevant today, more than ever. For the next several weeks we are going to meet the Old Testament Prophets.

They were specially chosen by God in attempt to save and strengthen the relationship with his chosen people. It was sometimes a lonely and discouraging job for the prophet, but God always has been and always will be faithful and persistent. Over and over again he sent different people to prove his willingness to do whatever it took, to convince the people of his love.

Amos: A Cry for Justice
Isaiah: The Political Prophet
Habakkuk: “Is that your final Answer?” A Dialogue with God
Jeremiah: Persistence in Action
Deborah: The Hard Core Prophetess
Ezekiel: His Wacky, Wild, Wonderful Ride
Haggai & Zechariah: Coaches with Different Style