My son, David turned 18 today. Most guys value time at home with their families at this age. He is no different. So of course he is snow boarding in Big Bear. He left last night & we’ll see him sometime tomorrow.

Us at the Charger / Raisder game. He’s in the middle (Andrew – son in law on left, Bret – Bethany’s boyfriend on right)


It did give me some time to reflect on him & this day 18 years ago when our 3rd of 3 children, the only male, was born.

Here is part of what I wrote in my journal:

God, I am such a blessed person and chief among Your countless mercies to me is that all 3 of my kids are following You from the heart. I think of that today, as this is the 18th anniversary of his birth.
–    He was the one that had the cord wrapped around his neck – in trouble from the get go
–    He was a specific answer to prayer – we really wanted a boy
–    His name is full of significance – my brother, the man after Your heart, Dave Busby

There a so many things I’m thankful for and there are myriads of things I like about him, but I’m grateful that:
–    He is an impact player in the Kingdom of God
–    He has a soft heart for those in need, the underdog, the hurting
–    He loves You, is following You,
–    Evil has pretty much seemed stupid to Him, not a tantalizing sparkling desirable temptation, but the brightly painted turd that it is.
–    He has strong High School kid faith – I pray & am confident that will grow into college kid faith & the grown up faith etc, but I’m grateful that his basic answer to You is, YES!
–    He is funny & has a great sense of humor.
–    He sees the difference b/t rules & religion v. authentic relationship w/ You, life in the Kingdom of God
–    He regularly goes & feeds the homeless
–    He’s been to OGN every year of High School – he can share his faith & give decent reasons for it.
–    He is a good tipper, like his father & grandfather before him… and that’s important to him.
–    You’ve given him good friends, a great High School ministry, a church he likes, leaders to influence Him
–    You’ve given him (and me) moments of encounter with You.

Thanks. Lord for David Eugene (sorry about that one son) Noble.
Feliz Cumpleano, Mi Hijo!