Week 3 of our series was EPIC! Jason Denison brought a message on deciphering God’s voice in the midst of all the noise and how God inhabits the quiet, the space. “God digs space!”


Once again the “My Journey” story brought the house down. Marissa Branca told us her story of connecting with Jesus. (it should be up on the website soon!)


Several of you wanted this series of ideas that wasn’t on the outline on CLUTTER AND SPACIOUSNESS:


Clutter has many forms

Clutter of space is – a mess

Clutter of sound is – noise

Clutter of thought – confusion

Clutter of feel – pain or discomfort at least

Clutter of emotion – stress, despondency


So does spaciousness

There is spaciousness of sound, we call this silence.

There is the spaciousness of environment, we call this expanse or space.

There is spaciousness of thought, we call this clarity.

There is spaciousness of feel, we call this comfort.

There is spaciousness of emotion, we cal this peace.


We unpacked 1 Kings 19, the story of Elijah and the “still small voice.”

This coming weekend we wrap up THE LANGUAGE OF GOD series looking at “How God Guides”.