Monday & Tuesday I was able to get to my monthly solitude retreat. I’m grateful for the opportunity, for the great place & for the awe-inspiring reality that God actually wants to hang out with me.

The weather was beyond perfect. To my friends in the Midwest I hate to rub it in, but it was about 80 with a very slight breeze.

After a long quiet time reading the scripture, journaling, rejoicing & complaining to the Lord, I decided to take a walk up canyon.


I didn’t get to far when my attention was drawn to the noise coming from this bush. It was the loudest sound of bee buzzing that I’ve ever heard. I mean it was like radio in the car loud. It kind of stopped me in my tracks.


I sensed a gentle nudge form the Holy Spirit to just stop & contemplate. That lasted about 2 minutes & I was ready to move on. But it was like the Lord was saying, get comfortable Junior, your going to be here a while. So there I stood. After a while,  I sensed God saying, “This is Journey”. The affect was positive – I think it was basically good.



I’m not a botanist, nor the son of a botanist. Anyone know what this plant is? There are lots of them out there.  Anyone care to take a shot at what this is all about?

I decided to run a few miles iPhone / camera in hand till I came to this place.


Taking this a sign to keep going, I kept going for about 2 miles up the canyon. No bull. I noticed this when I looked up.


Interesting contrast. (yes, that’s my finger)

There were a few other things I wrestled through & journaled about, maybe for later.

When I got back, JOURNEY UP 2.0 began in earnest. I’m up to my armpits in it now. I almost didn’t go to the desert, because February is a hellacious month schedule wise. I’m glad I did. I need the fuel!