This weekend we launched a WEEK OF PRAYER at Journey and spent the weekend thinking about one of those ESSENTIAL ESSENTIALS of life with God. It’s hard to imagine a spiritual practice that is much more core to life with God than prayer.

Of course the challenge in teaching on prayer is the sheer volume of stuff in the Bible about it. Not only that, there isn’t anything that I have more really good books on almost all of which are better than anything I am likely to come up with. But the fun thing is that everyone prays. I’m convinced of that. Even people who aren’t much into God mutter a few things toward heaven now and then and no doubt send out and SOS when they feel scared.

For us at Journey, we have been working on raising the Prayer Temperature for quite a while. It’s like a fire that you just have to keep throwing wood on and one of the ways that we keep fueling it is by setting aside times to pray. Three words help you get the idea of this week:
√ FOCUS – We need to stop, reduce our activity level and turn our full attention to the Lord together, as a community!
√ INTENSITY – Occasionally we stretch a little and try to build our prayer muscles by praying a little, more, a little longer.
√ ENCOURAGEMENT – It needs to be clear that although we are stretching a little, this is not prayer boot camp! We will find refreshment and rest as we seek the Lord. We will find our selves encouraged, strengthened and having our hope restored.

I love when the peeps at Journey really bring it in worship. This weekend it was cool to see how people were bringing the intensity.

Sporting the new ‘do! Hey if Bono can rock this cut…

I hope you find a way to dive into WEEK OF PRAYER! Come to one of the nightly prayer gatherings. Pick up a prayer journal and follow along. Sign up for a 24/7-prayer hour. Select a day to fast! Let’s pray it up!