Move deeper into life as a disciple of Jesus within community, engaging with scripture, prayer and one another. This could include joining a group, stepping into a serving role, or taking a class. Discover 201 is fluid and ongoing.

Date to be determined

This evening is a chance for you to discover more about small groups and Pathway classes, meet leaders, and ask questions. 

Small Groups

SUMMER/FALL 2020: Contact individual group leaders about availability of online and in-person group meetings.

Small groups meet on campus or in homes throughout our area. These groups move us toward discipleship within the context of a close community. We not only make friends in our small groups, but we encourage each other to move toward Jesus through scripture, prayer and our relationships.

Women’s Ministry — Tuesdays at 6:30 pm and Wednesdays at 9:30 am 

Men’s Ministry — Varying Days and Times

Reality (30 & 40 somethings) — Thursdays at 6:30 pm

Campus Life Groups — Meet various days on the Journey campus with childcare available

Home Groups — Meet on various days and times throughout our area


Each of our 6 Pathway classes is 4-6 weeks long, meets on campus, and offers free childcare. Classes will form our foundational knowledge of faith and life as a disciple of Jesus.  

July Pathway Class

Open Your Bible: Tough Questions Confronting Christianity

Instructor: Paul Hicok
July 7 – 28 (4 sessions)
Tuesdays at 7 – 8 pm

Join us for our July Open Your Bible Class: Tough Questions Confronting Christianity. Online via our website livestream or YouTube.

Could it be that potential roadblocks to faith can become signposts?
Paul Hicok will be leading us through 4 Sessions tackling some of the tough questions our modern era has for God and the Bible using Rebecca McLaughlin’s new book “Confronting Christianity.” Our class will be edifying and encouraging as we realize that, rather than a relic from the ancient world, Jesus is actually the modern world’s best hope. Sign Up >

Upcoming Classes

My Financial Journey

Facilitated by Genie Short, Christa Anderson & Denise Von Rotz
2020 Dates TBA
Have you ever wanted to do more with your money? Have you ever wondered about the difference between tithing, offerings, and general giving? Come join us as we discuss how to make sense of finances so that you can experience more freedom and control over your money. We will also discuss challenges and pitfalls to watch out for as you pursue this transformative journey.

Your Body, Relationships, and Sex
Facilitated by Linda Noble
Fall 2020 (4 weeks)
When Pharisees approach Jesus with questions about relationships and marriage, he repeatedly points to God’s design for the human person revealed in Genesis 1-2.  In our class, we’ll be diving into Theology of the Body, gaining insights that lead to a life of flourishing as we choose to live according to God’s design.

Any class not specifically designed to help form our foundational knowledge of faith and life as a disciple of Jesus (Pathway Class) is considered an Elective Class. See what’s available at the link below.
Elective Classes