I’m not exactly sure how it happened, but author & speaker Don Everts is like a part of our team here at Journey. We’ve had him speak at Journey a bunch of times, enough to where people get excited when he’s coming to do the message.

We’ve also kind of had him here as he’s published more & more really good books.

I know it sounds biased, and I’m not saying there is no bias in this statement, but I think Don has written several books that I have on my “Everybody really ought to read these” list.
My favorites:
The Smell of Sin – so insightful – it’s one of those books that you read that feels fresh but also like a great way to put into words what you have thought for a long time.
God in the Flesh – is a beautiful meditation of Jesus in our lives.
Jesus With Dirty Feet – is a great book to enjoy & give to people that you KNOW are not going to read anything with triple digit pages. It’s a great book to get people thinking about Jesus and “unthinking” by the way.

This weekend Don brought a killer message on Church. As a nice post-Christmas Eve contrast we had some unplugged worship music that was very cool.

I sat through both services & loved it. Here are a few notes that I took.
How easy our self concept / sense of identity is swayed
– socks and letterman’s jackets
Churches having a bad hair decade
Peter wrote a letter to these churches calling them names… True names
Living stones
– strong solid useful things
– can be built into a ace of refuge
Spiritual sacrifices – acceptable to god
– what would unacceptable look like?
Spiritual house
– temple looms large in amcoent consciousness
– when people see the temple their thoughts are turned to god
– stood obvious clear unambiguous
– place of refuge. – where people can come to bring their hopes and dreams, their need for forgiveness. A place to hear a word from god.
Stop listening to your drooping socks and letterman’s jacket.

– this image shatters the message of our sox
– we have stuff that has a direct kinetic our heart.
– I am gods plan to reach the world
– your design demands community
– a solitary stone a temple does not make.
We r the church – it’s never a THEY.

THE BACK IS NOT FOR SHORT ATTN SPAN PEOPLE… LIKE ME – In the 2nd service (we only had 2 this week for obvious reasons) I sat in the back, in the risers. It was an interesting experience. I have a new respect for you guys who sit back there. In a big rectangular building full of people like that, there is an INCREDIBLE AMOUNG OF VISULAL DISTRACTION. At one point I just laughed out loud. It’s just the normal distractions of that many people in a room together, but wow. Newfound respect & PROPS to you all. Thanks for hanging in there.

I can’t wait for this weekend to kick off our new series FORMED. I’m wrestling with what the Bible says about how we change for real.