Did you know that Journey participates in Motel Church? Once each month, volunteers provide breakfast, worship (by Bryce Turner) and a “church service” at a local, by-the-week, motel. These motels have become home to the working poor and transitional homeless. For some, this is the last stop before they (and their families) are living in their car or on the street.

For a variety of reasons, guests at these motels are not likely to attend a “traditional” church. This is why we are bringing the church to them! Service starts around 10 and ends around 11. We hang out with the adults and kids, get to know them and build connections.

Our next service is our Easter Service on Saturday, April 19. In addition to breakfast and worship, there will be an Easter egg hunt for the kids. We could use your help and would love to have you join us!

For information: david@journeycom.org.