This was a big week at Journey. This was the week that our newly formed small groups launched all over the San Diego area! It’s also the week that our existing groups dove into the Community Bible Experience. Believe me when I say it makes a difference in the “sermon” part of the service when you are preaching into that in our community life. In one week we basically doubled the number of people in home groups and every one of our campus groups has seen an influx of people there for this season. Plus of course people come to church having read at least some of the Scripture through the week.

Now, to be clear this is a short term, 8-week thing. But I think it’s giving us a taste of “New Testament, Vintage Us, Ekklesia, New Normal.” The idea of the Jesus movement was highly communal, and centered around the person of Jesus and His Lordship in each life as revealed in the Teaching of the Apostles (a.k.a. the New Testament).


Worship was amazing as usual.


The message had a really clear aim: “DELIGHT”. It’s not enough to choke down, a dutifully plow through the Words from God’s mouth, but we keep pressing in to God till they are a “delight to them”.

SELAH – The weekend ended with the 1st SELAH of 2012. It seems that in the life of a church there needs to be some space in which we gather without much of an agenda or plan and just receive from the Holy Spirit. It was a pretty amazing night of God moving in a deep place. After a run of worship songs we went to “intercessory prayer” (i.e. pray for others) praying for our founding pastor Mike Burns who’s health has hit a new low. God met us in some pretty amazing ways. It’s always fun to see how God answers the simple prayer, “COME, HOLY SPIRIT!”