Thought I’d give you a quick update on my heart in light of my 20 hours of hospital time and my lovely picture in my surfboard decorated hospital gown.

I had a “pre-op” meeting with my electrophysiologist on Monday and felt good about the plan moving forward. A few hours later I was at the gym and all of the sudden my heart is off to the races in an SVT episode.

These things are scary and serious but in a sense not the worst kind of heart arrhythmia. When my whole cardiac adventure began in January, I had about 5 or so of these things in 3 days and they seemed much worse. I had not had another one of these since.

So when this hit and we ended up driving to the ER I was a little bit discouraged… o.k. More than a little. But God was all over the place especially as I look back.

√ A friend from Journey happened to be walking by my ER room and spotted me, walked in and prayed for me! (Thanks Dustin!)

√ They got the SVT under control & I’ve been fine since.

√ The plan with cardiologist and EP et al is still a go. In fact it pushed us to increase the meds that are helping the heart so that’s a good thing. And at this moment the plan is to put in and S-ICD on June 21 especially if my blood pressure stays up with the increased beta blocker. (Subcutaneous Implantable Defibrillator – you can Google it if you are interested). The point is, according to the dudes, we are still on track.


So thanks for the prayers. Keep them coming! And thanks for walking this journey with me!


Mucho Love,