This week was interesting in a lot of ways – we had a vice presidential debate that was more watched than the Presidential one that preceded it… by A LOT. We have all of Ed’s favorite baseball teams in the post-season Cubs, Angels, Dodgers – the former of which were heart-breakingly swept as I type – what was that game 2?

I have to digress to confess that I only have a passing interest in baseball until the post season. I also must confess that I hate east coast teams especially the Red Sox & the Yankees.

O.k. where was I? O yeah, Joseph series.

Early this week I get an email from one of our pastors Todd Tolson (Todd’s blog) wondering if there might be merit in taking a weekend to address the crazy uncertain times we are in. The next day I bring it up with Rod Kaya (blog) in the morning. We come up with a couple of possible scenarios. (BTW – I’m aware that they have the same name as the Flanders kids – Rod & Todd). We decide to get some input from our programming team. They are all positively disposed. At this point we are thinking of a stand-alone message.

The next day Rod has lunch with someone who works in the financial world. In talking about the current situation, he casually remarks – “yeah, this is just like what Joseph dealt with in Egypt.” (Not an exact quote). Boom outa here! There it is… let’s deal with that big chunk of J’s life that dealt with times of serious economic uncertainty. On Friday I get an email from Mike who feels like it’s a real need at church right now – like a lot of churches we have been pretty challenged in the giving area the last few weeks.

So, next week: WHEN THE WORLD FEELS SHAKEY – Bouncing Back in the middle of uncertainty.

This won’t be a lecture on Macro Economics (although who better than me, a guy who can’t balance his checkbook). It’s going to be about the issue of uncertainty. It’s going to be more macro than the perishable & relatively micro issue of money. It’s going to be about the Kingdom of God… Well I think. I haven’t started working on it yet.

I appreciate your prayers for ears to hear what the Holy Spirit is saying to the church.