What a weekend! In the services the message centered around that great part of the story of Elijah from 1 Kings 19 in which E split for Sinai. Just so you know, Journey is a great place to preach. People are responsive & into it. There’s a lot of freedom. But this week it seemed like we hit a cord. We rolled around in with Elijah through his despondency. It was easy to feel the connection people were making with the story.
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We ended the message with this thought: inviting Jesus into our lives means inviting him into our dark places. The response to the invitation to come to Christ was about 2x what it usually is.
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Leading into the message our team put together something special. The Band did the song by Lifehouse, “Broken”. Dan Stevers put an astounding video together. It seemed like the grace of God was all over it. Several times I felt a surge of emotion in me as the song / video went on! Wow!
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Saturday Linda & Bethany & I drove up to the OC to see my mom. We had a great time. When we were at lunch my mom decided to tell the young waiter guy, that she thought he was a “good looking young man.” Of course Bethany was turning multiple shades of red. Awesome.

For me, this week features some solitude time & then on Thursday I head to Ames, Iowa to speak at a college retreat for a great College ministry called Salt Company (Click here). They are having a tremendous impact on Iowa State University. I’ll keep you posted.