This was a jam-packed weekend! I felt like a wrung out washrag when it was over, but it was awesome. It featured one of my favorite things of the whole year, our BIG BEACH BAPTISM.

ELIJAH SERIES LAUNCH – we kicked off our series on Elijah. It is such dramatic story that it pretty much preaches itself. The whole series is predicated on James’ comment that Elijah had a “nature like ours” (homoipathoes – same feelings as us). These really are OUR stories. My point was that these stories are for “emulation not adulation”.
We all have a mark that God has for us to make.
DSC_0744Nicholai did a great job with the scripture reading – story time!

WORSHIP – O Yeah! We at Journey regularly experience anointed excellent “worship”. But it seemed to have a special anointing on it. I was rocked every service, overwhelmed by the goodness of God. It was fun to see David doing a great job with the band. DSC_0673 Then the VIDEO TRANSION to the message was spectacular.

BAPTISM – There are some great “this is why we do this” moment that Churches have. Baptism days are among the best of these. I love to just see all the stories of God’s amazing grace represented by each person.
– As I pray over people before they are baptized, I try to listen to a word from the Lord for them. There were several people who said “wow, that was so right on for me.”
– I love how people’s friends are out there with the people getting baptized. One of the best ones this weekend was a young couple, the husband getting baptized, his wife crying for joy – an answer to lots of prayers!
– There was a TON of people there to celebrate! A huge crowd! My only frustration is there are so many conversations that only get half finished.
– I love the cheering on the shore. I wish everyone could have the view we pastors have out there seeing hundreds of people excited & cheering.
– I loved seeing several good friends kids getting baptized. Props to Aiana, Max, Tyler!

THE BLESSING OF LONG TIME FRIENDS – I have the great favor of lots of long-term friends. Blane Rings and his wife Crystal were in town this weekend. He was the 1st baby sitter for our 1st child, ever. We were great partners in youth ministry when we were both living in Omaha. Blane wanted to try his hand at surfing on Saturday. Let’s just say, he didn’t drown.

Speaking of weekends we are working on nailing down the rest of series for 09 including Christmas this week. It should be fun.