A few people, starting with Blano, asked to see the video from 2 weeks ago called “THIS IS MY FAMILY”. It was made by our High School ministry a few months ago for a series on family.  The students were given 3×5 cards and asked to complete this sentece: “my family is…” We showed it in the message entitled “Fun With Dysfunction.”

it’s funny, insightful & sad all at once.


On another note, I recieved an email from a Journey person about her dad who in many ways is a modern day Joseph. I share it with permission.

Pastor Ed,
Ever since your message this past Sunday I have felt compelled to write you about my father-in-law. I know you get lots of e-mails, so I understand if you don’t respond. Still, I just wanted to share his story and how I always think of him when I hear the story of Joseph.

My father-in-law Ramon passed away in a prison in Mexico about a year and a half ago, after spending over 5 years there after being falsely accused and arrested. Although those years were incredibly hard for him and his family, God used him in amazing ways during his time there. First of all, God greatly strengthened his faith and used him to share it countless times with his prisonmates. Not only did he share his faith, but he shared his clothes, his money and anything else that he could spare. He became a father figure and a friend to many of the men there, and many of the prisoners referred to him as “el hombre feliz” (the happy man) because of the smile that he always seemed to have on his face. In spite of his situation, he continued to trust in God and do the mission that he believed that God had put him there to do.

One person that he witnessed to, that was especially close to his heart, was his grandson who had unfortunately arrived at the prison several years earlier. Through Ramon’s witness and the work of the Holy Spirit, his grandson Rafael gave his life to Christ. That was only the beginning for him– over the past few years, he has been moved to three different prisons. Each time he has openly shared his faith and numerous prisoners have also given their lives to Christ. Although still in prison, Rafael is now studying to become a pastor.

There are so many wonderful stories to tell about how God used the last 5 years of Ramon’s life, and how He is continuing to work through his grandson and the many people whose lives they both affected. I will just leave you with one more– the woman who falsely accused Ramon and was responsible for him being imprisoned.  Within the first year of his imprisonment, she admitted that she had lied and that in the past satan had control of her life. Then she told of how she had given her life to Christ. . .

“As for you, you meant evil against me, but God meant it for good in order to bring about this present result, to preserve many people alive.”  Genesis 50:20

God is Good!