One of the features of our WEEK-O-PRAYER is that we are fasting together this week. I’m hoping that everyone picks a meal or two or a day or two to fast & seek the Lord this week. Here is something that I wrote last February that I tweaked a little bit for us. It’s a Q & A on fasting. Feel free to email me any additional Q’s

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Q – So what is fasting?

A – Abstaining from food or certain foods for a spiritual purpose. Normally fasting is about solid food. In this case, drink whatever you would like.

Q – Why do this?

A – Several Reasons:

1. Almost every great person in the bible is recorded as fasting – we’re following their example. (Jesus, Moses, Paul)

2. It helps us to incline our entire self to God, including our physical bodies, toward God. We are seeking Him with our very bodies.

3. We are saying to God & ourselves that we want Him more than anything else.

4. It focuses our prayers. As John Piper says, it puts an exclamation point on our prayer, “This much I want You, O God!”

5. It is used by God to give breakthroughs to His people.

Q – What are we praying & fasting for?

A – Well, the simplest answer is MORE – more of God’s presence in our lives, more of God’s presence & power at our church, more breakthroughs, in short for a God-filled, awe inspiring life.

Specifically pray for yourself & the rest of Journey to see “God’s kingdom come” in a greater degree in ‘09.

Pray that we would be the people (individually & corporately) that He dreams that we would be.

Pray for more impact on our community & more experience of God in every MINISTRY & in every FAMILY & every LIFE.

Q – Is there anything I should watch out for when fasting?

A – Yes:

* Be careful about a mentality of “earning” anything from God.

* Be careful about spiritual pride that can come from any spiritual practice.

* Watch out for a desire to subtly brag & wanting everyone else to know what you are doing. (See Matthew 6:16-18).

* Media – I usually go a little easy on radio & TV etc when I’m fasting. It helps me keep focused. – w

Q – What if I can’t fast for medical reasons?

A – Try vegetables only or as Daniel did, abstaining from “tasty foods”.

Q – How long should I abstain from food?

A – It’s up to you? I’m hoping that everyone at Journey will pick a day, like a work day (2 or 3 meals). I’ve found that sometimes it’s good to go to bed hungry.

Q – What if I get hungry?

A – Huh? Well, you will. Use that hunger to say, “I want You, MORE Lord.”