Better late than never, but here are a few thoughts on last weekend at Journey.

Worship: I love how we’ve been incorporating some classic hymns and arranging them in a way that makes them accessible to our style of worship. Honestly, some of these songs have such deep lyrics the sermon feels anticlimactic!

Message: I’ve said it before, and this won’t be the last time: I love this series. I love preaching out of the New Testament book of Acts. I love how it envisions us and helps define us. There is plenty of irony and a little sarcasm in the stories as well, which appeals to my stunted sense of humor.

I think the most salient factor is how we see in Acts “ekklesia” (word for church – hopefully, since it’s Greek and thus foreign, we can lose a little of the baggage) in its pre-institutional form. This thing is best when it’s not a thing at all, when it’s a movement, when it is liquid and fluid.

That’s why the “MY JOURNEY” this week worked so well. It was kind of “Exhibit A” as to how Journey is becoming more and more of a movement. I love how God messes with regular happy people like Jesslyn Ponce-Dick. Next thing you know she’s on her 3rd trip to Haiti and can speak a little Creole and has a heart that is breaking for the poor and needy of the world.

Here’s Jesslyn going for it trying to get the crowd to go with a “Haiti Halleluja” 

This week we looked at Acts 17 – when the movement hits the world center of Philosophical thought, Athens. It’s a classic example of speaking to people about God in a way that THEY can understand.

MUCHO FUN WAVES – One of the “de-stressers” in my life is surfing with some of the Journey peeps on Saturdays. This weekend was pretty close to perfect. Great waves. Great Friends and we cleared out a section in the line up and kind of owned the place. Very Cool!