Sometimes your church can drive you nuts. I mean it’s full of people after all and people in quantity tend to make messes.
But then there’s other times. Honestly, these times would be most of the time. These are the times when you want to hit your knees and thank God that you are a part of a community of people in which Jesus is working and on the move.
I just had one of those moments. Here’s an email we just got from Haiti; read it and weep… with joy 🙂


This message was sent to Andy from the girl that works with AIM that was in Haiti to work with us on the December trip.


It’s been great talking with you and getting all the work done here.

We accomplished a lot today. We shopped from 7 a.m. until 2:00 today and then spent a bunch of time unloading stuff at the clinic and Pastor Ed’s house.

purchased today:
27 – 55 lb bags of rice
10 – 100 lb bags of beans
40 half Gallons of Oil
500 bags to parcel all the stuff out
50 gallons of white paint and 4 gallons of green.

The clinic is looking good. They used money that you gave them before to fix all the cracks in the building and get the toilet and sink in as well as the electric hooked up. I posted photo’s on my facebook. I will share them on your page whenever they finish loading.

Going to Port tomorrow if all is well to begin purchasing items for the Christmas party.

I will give you a tally of what has been spent at then end of my shopping excursions. There will be some additional fees for gas, driver, translator, meals for the guys while we are out etc.

I’m having a blast getting all of this done. Sorry to have missed you and I will miss you again in Jan. because I will be heading to Africa. (unless you come early! I may still be in Haiti until Jan. 6)

Toya Mac