This was one of those weekends that were fun for me to be at Journey.
•    THE OTHER JOSEPH SERIES KICKS OFF – our team does a pretty good job of leveraging series beginnings & wrap-ups for a feel of momentum. Message wise it always takes more work to kick off a series. This is especially true when it’s a series that covers a big chunk of scriptural text. For me at least just feeling like I’m in the text enough that it is LIVING in me, that I’m entering into the story takes a lot of time. It’s a joy, but it takes time.
•    RECOVERING FROM OUR BACKGROUNDS – Every now & then you can tell that you are hitting a nerve right off the bat. This was one of those “now & then”s – I mean come on, all of us have some early stuff that has whacked us out somewhat.
•    TIME – I’m really trying to keep our messages in the time frame that we plan. I want every area of our church to win. We plan for 44 minutes – This week I was 49, 47:01 & 50 respectively. The best of the 3 from my perspective was the 47. I would appreciate prayer for this… seriously.
•    BAPTISM – of course the big event of this weekend was our Big Beach Baptism. Here are a few of my reflections on Monday:
o    It’s such a great day. I really do love seeing what you are doing. Such Joy! Such Abandon! Such Celebration!

o    I love the thought that we prayed together – “Jesus, it’s great to see you getting what you came for… You died for moments like this… even right now I’m moved thinking this thought.
o    I asked you to give me a word for people as I prayed for them – you seemed to with EVERY person. I loved running into ______ afterward & her saying – as if this day was not great enough, it’s like I could say, God you ARE paying attention to me.
o    I thought the Charger season opener would tank the attendance, but there were a lot of people there! The atmosphere was electric.

o    A good crowd & great attitudes – I love the prayer for people that our people do. I noticed that without thinking about it as I’m about to dunk (that’s what that’s what the Greek verb – baptidzo means) I say… “We baptize you…” not “I.” I love how we have the people there lay hands on the folks getting baptized & how they bless them & pray for them.

o    Different stories – from ¬¬¬¬¬_______ (long time with a Lutheran background) & to _____ who is a brand new Christ follower, new to Journey & making her way forward. Another person was baptized w/ their whole fam. One of the baptisms was all in Spanish. I love the God-glorifying stories that each one represents.

o    As we prayed – asking God to descend on the moment – very cool.

•    SURF’S UP – Monday I was treated to a great day of surfing. I couldn’t make myself get out of the water. Mondays in the fall are great – weather is still basically like summer. The water is warm. We get south swells & the beginning of the winter swells that come from the North & everyone is back to school, back to work or home from vacation! Monday was one of those perfect days – Chest high fun waves, just a handful of “broz” at a normally crowded spot. Therapy!