You don’t have to be a church historian to know that part of the title (MYSTIC ME – Learning to Practice the Presence of God) from this upcoming weekend’s message comes straight from the classic devotional book by Brother Lawrence, Practicing the Presence of God.

My challenge is coming up with a message that says it 1/100 as well as BL. I’ve read this little work before (it is little – 90 pages, 1/2 page size). But I am loving reading it again. It is so full of insight, grace, encouragement, gentle rebuke.

So here’s a little gem from “The Sixth Letter”
Dear Sister
As I promised, I am praying for you, even though my prayers are meager. Wouldn’t it be happy if we could find the full treasure described in the Gospel? Nothing else mattes. This treasure is infinite; the more we explore it, the more riches we find. May we never stop searching until we have found all of it.


Here’s another
“The most holy & necessary practice in our spiritual life is the presence of God. That means finding constant pleasure in His divine company, speaking humbly & lovingly w/ Him in all seasons, at every moment, without limiting the conversation in any way. This is especially important in times of temptation, sorry, seperation from God, and even in times of unfaithfulness and sin.”

U R Killing me BRO!

We’ve ordered a bunch of copies and will be selling them along with Frank Laubach’s classic, Letters by a Modern Mystic (where the rest of my message title comes from – I’m glad these guys aren’t here on earth or I’d be compelled to mail them my paycheck for this week). Feel free to buy a copy, sing with our band & then commence to reading – I’ll understand if you tune me out.

Jesus, thank you for brothers like Brother Lawrence!