There’s a deep conviction we have at Journey that A. The Vintage version of “us”, the original community of Christ-followers changed the world. “Turned the world upside down” as one of their foes put it. And B. This can happen again.


But having an overly idealized picture of this original group and thus thinking that they were somehow not made of the same stuff as we are can be a barrier to us really believing God can do it again for us!

Well to that end we launched the series entitled “A GLORIOUS MESS” – looking at one of those vintage communities and the lessons from Paul’s first letter to the church in a place in Greece called Corinth (the first and the worst city in Southern Greece as one historian put it). They remind us of well… US. Lots of the same dysfunction, misunderstandings and conflict!


But Paul doesn’t start with the dysfunction. He doesn’t begin by correcting them. He starts with God’s amazing declarations over them. He starts by giving them a vision of “GOD ALL OVER YOU!”.


WORSHIP was thick with God’s presence this week.


At the Sunday at 11:00 service we invited people who didn’t know Christ to come to Him about 2 or 3 songs in. This wasn’t our plan, but it became obvious to me that if we held out the offer right then, God was there strongly enough that people would say, “YES”!


BAPTISM. It was such an amazing afternoon on Sunday that I’m going to put up a separate post tomorrow! Look for it.