I don’t know if it’s true for everyone, but I really enjoy the Christmas series. Not just this one. Every year I love it. I love looking at the story again in detail again. I love pondering the “MYSTERY” of the incarnation. I love the irony of the story. The season is pressure packed for those of us involved in putting services together, but this is still a great series & I love the weekend services.

A few highlights:
* LISA’S MY JOURNEY – It is so cool to hear about the powerful Kingdom of God chain reaction that comes from a simple invitation. We’ll have one more link in chain next weekend.



* WORSHIP – this is a season & this week’s message moved us to worship & worship was cool this weekend.



* SCRIPTURE READING – I got a last minute leading that Daniel made happen last Thursday. I thought it would be cool to simply hear the story from the scripture read. I think it is important to simply “hear” the word of God without power point, without B-roll, visual support. We need to remember that “Gospel” (good news) is a story. It’s a story that was told before it was written.


* SOLD OUT – well our bookstore ordered a grip of our featured book, Letters By A Modern Mystic by Frank Laubauch. I forgot to mention it on Friday, but I did at our 9:00 service & they bought them up. Cleaned us out. I’m stoked! It could rock our church to have lots of people reading this powerful little book. We’ll have more next week.
* NON-SMART SURFING… BUT CRAZY FUN – I had a cold all week that knocked me right on my, ummm, butt. It made for a long week. I started feeling better on Friday. It was a beautiful sunny 70-degree day. But Saturday was another story. A storm moves in late Friday. It’s getting ready to rain. The surf was chaotic. But we paddled out. It was nuts – we had the beach to ourselves on a Saturday. But it was weird fun.

A good weekend in a great season. It’s a great time to take a risk & make an invitation. Christmas Eve is going to be epic. Try not to be there by yourself!!!