This weekend we launched into a series that is specifically about living through this economic situation. It’s a little more than “living through.” It’s more like how do we follow Jesus in & through this.

I said when in the message that we are in a “Kairos” as a people. As opposed to the Greek work “Chronos” which is usually translated “time” which refers to the linier passing of time, the word “kiaros” is more like “moment” or even “opportunity”. For example in Ephesians 5:16 you read this in the NASB translation:
… Making the most of your time, for the days are evil.
Sounds like a statement on time management. The Greek looks like this. Exagoragoadzomenoi ton kairon. – agora was the marketplace – idea is to buy up the opportunities, the moments.

Moments can be precipitated by positive developments or by negative ones. This crisis represents one. All that to say, a few months ago I felt led to this series. We are facing an opportunity. An opportunity for us to ask hard questions about where our hope is. It’s a chance to wonder if maybe we have it all wrong. (which is the basic idea of the great book Freakonomics – from which I’ve adapted our series title).


Unlike many other Charger people, I don’t hate the Colts. What’s not to like about them. Payton is all that you would hope for in a guy that is pretty much the face of the league. The coaches are people of character. The owner thanks and glorifies God every time there is a mic in his face. Be that as it may, how can you not LOVE THE SAINTS. We had a fun mix of people at hour house watching the game.

• I loved the shot of Drew Brees with his son with the confetti falling
• It was the shortest SB I can remember – a well played game. It truly was the best 2 teams in the NFL
• Usually the schmaltzy human-interest angles of the game get annoying. But in this case, the connection with a city uniquely devastated was real and wonderful.
It was a great weekend.