I received this email from a friend whose mom is in the final stages of battling cancer. I was so moved & I thought this was so glorifying to Jesus that I asked her if I could share it here.  She agreed but asked to remain anonymous.

Here it is:

I wanted to catch you up on my mom.  I saw her today and she was sleeping mostly.  She continues to decline and the morphine has been increased A LOT.  God has been doing some amazing things with me and my sisters (that only as it’s over the trial and I want to quit phase do I see the blessing…now! J  and yesterday God gave me an incredible moment with my mom.  I have been admitting to the Lord that I am tired, feel so disconnected and could tell that my walls are up when I’m at the hospice room with her.  Usually there are always people in there so I just felt like I couldn’t really have an intimate moment with her and talk to her, or just read the Word to her, etc… so yesterday I was there with my sisters and one sister’s husband and I was standing at her bedside.  I took her hand that was shaking and she held my hands in both of hers and kissed my hand then held it to her face, then her forehead… as she did and I bent over her, I just felt the Lord told me she was praying for me.. and I began to cry.. then this divine moment happened where it was just like it was me, her and God in the room, and my heart was so filled and I was telling her in my heart my thoughts…”I don’t know what to do mom and I feel so responsible (as the executor)” then I broke down and just wept, couldn’t stop it and the tears flowed and flowed and I felt the Spirit there so heavy and then I couldn’t speak and I just began to speak in tongues and I could tell she was “there”, agreeing, listening and I whispered the prayers in her ears.. (mind you I’m crying as I’m doing this) and then I began to pray, Lord Bless You child, Your daughter, and it was more of a prayer for her as God’s child and not my mom… but wow, it was so deep, even trying to put it in words falls soooo short of the actual time… the whole time was about 10 minutes, and I could hear my sisters crying behind me as me  and my mom had our special time and the presence of the Lord was so intensely in that room and surrounding us!   But she wouldn’t let go of my hands, she would move them from her cheek to her forehead and then I just held hers….. I left there so blessed!! Emotionally drained and exhausted but so filled That God had given me what I needed, even though I didn’t know what I needed, I just knew what I wasn’t feeling and desired.  It was our time I knew, and I believe her time is coming soon, I think she knows too.  But at that moment I saw God in this (I had been sharing with Him that I couldn’t sense Him there and I couldn’t feel Him, and that I couldn’t get close to her with all the people around all the time),  J But anyway, I wanted to share that with you.   Please continue to pray.

Shalom to her, her sisters & her mom. In Jesus name & we all agreed saying… Amen!