Sometimes you just got to make up words. With a nod to our friend Scot McKnight and his book, The King Jesus Gospel this week’s message was about “GOOD-NEWSING”. (On a side note, Scot’s book is wonderful and provocative and would make a great read).

The “Good News” triggers the RENAISSANCE that God is brining. One of our problems is that we need a bigger understanding of the Good News (Gospel) that the New Testament is all about. In our language it’s natural to think of the “gospel” as the content of the message. But in the Greek language in which the New Testament is written, Good News is often a verb (euaggelidzo – the verb, euaggelion – the noun). The Good News is something we do, something we embody as well as something we speak.


When we are experiencing the goodness of the Good News, embodying the Good News and extending the invitation, people’s lives are changed. Nick Kwok shared his story of the Good News lifting him out of suicidal despair and calling him into a lifetime of “Goodnewsing” to fraternity and sorority college students with Intervarsity Christian Fellowship (Click )

Nick also demonstrated a simple way to share extend the invite through “The Four Circles” (Click here to see James Choung share the “Big Story” here


But as you should expect by now, we have to take a step of faith. Sometimes the step is simply believing this: “YES, ME”. We closed by reminding each other, “You are an agent of Good News”.