This weekend was fun for me in that I was in town, at Journey and not speaking.

This is a deliberate move for us. First of all we have people that are gifted speakers in our community and we would profit from hearing their voice. Secondly, since the 1st part of the book we are looking at is a lot about getting immaturely attached to specific teachers, we think it might be good to model the health of multiple voices. Then of course there’s the issue of Leading Journey. I’m concluding that I need to take time to focus on the leadership part of my job on occasion.


My friend and long time Journey person (longer than me) brought an amazing message.

Worship rocked!



We said a thank you and sort of a goodbye to our video creator Dan Stevers. He’s not leaving Journey, but it seems like there is a WIDE open door for his videos to be used literally around the world. God is leading Dan to focus on that! He is receiving help from all kinds of countries, especially a large (the largest) Asian nation as well as many in the Islamic world.


I was able to cruise around during one of the services. I knew this, but it was so cool to see it: We have so many AWESOME VOLUTNEERS at Journey. I loved seeing them serve so well, with heart and excellence. My heart was so full.

I’m speaking on 1 Corinthians 4 next weekend – a message called “The Cult of Personality”. Can’t wait.