One of the greatest things about the Kingdom of God is that is full of the oddest assortment of people on the planet. It’s such a beautiful testimony to the grace of God that we find weaved throughout the scriptures and it reminds us, that God is ALL about the restoration of ALL people back to the imago dei. As we launched our new series called “re-engage”, we challenged our community to do just that with God and we dove into one of the earliest examples of this crazy grace. Such is the story of Jacob. If you think your family is blended… well, think again. Just check this slide out of his marriages and sexual activity with two wives and their servants.

jacobs family.055-001

If that’s not crazy enough, those 12 blue men represent the beginning of the 12 tribes of Israel. So the truth remains, despite some really weird and even ungodly turns in his life, God chooses to advance his promise given to Abraham through the oddest assortment of marriages, families, and relationships. We were reminded that even though Jacob’s family and personal history are not an endless model of godliness that we hold up for others to repeat in marriage, God still used Jacob in profound ways. It’s the kind of story that reminds us that if God can re-engage Jacob in his story, then surely God can do the same for mine. No matter how jacked up your life story, it’s never too late to go back to “Bethel” like Jacob did, back to the “House of God” where you last heard so clearly from God. This is the story of Jacob. This is our story.