I will be sharing some thoughts on Haiti in the next couple weekends, but I thought I’d share just a few thoughts and a few pics here.


It had been almost exactly 2 years since I’d been to Haiti. I was there in May of 2010 shortly after the earthquake. When I went the initially, I just knew that God wanted me to say “yes” to my friend Mark Oestriecher’s (click here for his blog ) invitation to go with him and some bloggers. Note I was mainly along as “pastor guy”.


The point of the trip was to promote AIM’s “CHURCH TO CHURCH” ministry (Click here to see AIM’s site). By the time I left I knew that Journey would be involved in the church to church deal, but I couldn’t have foreseen how much of a catalytic impact on us.
So it was pretty awesome to go back and see some of our vision, dreams and ideas as a reality.
We have INDEED MADE AN IMPACT ON A COMMUNITY. And they have had incredible impact on us.

Here’s a few pics


The motley crew that went

Wonderful seeing our medical clinic serving the community

Our Dr – Dr Carlo who serves so well in our community