The impact of Billy Graham for the Kingdom of God is beyond measure. Today he is 90! Happy Birthday, O Man of God!

The first exposure of any kind to the gospel in my life came through BG on television. I was alone in our downstairs family room watching TV flipping channels (there were only about 6 to flip between). I was in Jr High. On one of the channels Billy was preaching at on of his crusades. I stopped flipping and sat intrigued & feeling a feeling I had never felt (I later learned that it’s called conviction – a drawing of God on one’s life). I wanted to turn the channel but couldn’t I just sat there for a few minutes. Then I heard someone come in the house & quickly changed the channel. I wish I hadn’t.

Then after I became a follower of Jesus, I remember watching crusades on TV. I especially remember the one in Korea. People as far as the eye could see. Man, did those messages bolster my fledgling faith.

Thank God for Billy Graham… (There were giants in the earth in those days… Gen 6:4 KJV)

John Piper has a cool biographical tribute to Dr Graham. Click here.